Domaso is a municipality with 1478 inhabitants ( 31 December 2012) in the Italian province of Como in the Lombardy region. Domaso located on Lake Como and borders the municipalities of Colico ( Lecco province ), Gravedona, Livo, Peglio, Vercana and Dongo.


Domaso was probably founded by the Romans. With the neighboring Gravedona it often came to disputes. Among other things, there Gravedona was not on the side of Como or because the city is on the Parish of San Vincenzo wanted to be independent.

Resort Domaso

Domaso has one of the longest beaches on the lake and is very popular with windsurfers, among others. A constant wind ( Breva ) creates ideal conditions for this sport. Domaso is bisected by the river Livo. One part consists of a medieval village with relics of the old monastery and a small harbor. The other, newer part offers a modern tourist infrastructure needs adjusted. There are numerous campsites.