Domenico Capranica

Domenico Capranica ( born May 31, 1400 Capranica Prenestina; † July 14, 1458 in Rome) was a humanist and cardinal ( titular church of Santa Croce in Gerusalemme ) the Roman Catholic Church.

He studied in Padua and Bologna canon and civil law, among others, Giuliano Cesarini, whose elevation to cardinal in the consistory same as which should be published by Capranica ( 1430). He was elected in 1425 to the Bishop of Fermo. In solemn consistory on July 23, 1423 Pope Martin V. raised him to cardinal. 1426 Title Diakonia Santa Maria in Via Lata was conferred on him. In 1444 he was elevated to Cardinal Priest of Santa Croce in Gerusalemme, but kept in commendam his old title diakonia. Both titles held until his death.

The 1451 built by Cardinal Domenico Capranica for City Palace Palazzo Capranica is one of the few examples of Gothic civil architecture of the 15th century in Rome dar. 1457 he founded the Collegio Capranica, which was funded by the founder's death by his brother Angelo on.

He wrote in 1452 a book of death, the speculum artis bene moriendi (also Ars bene moriendi ), which appeared as early as 1473 in German.