Domenico Lorenzo Ponziani

Domenico Lorenzo Ponziani ( born November 9, 1719 Modena, † July 15, 1796 ibid ) was Professor of Civil Law at the University of Modena, a clergyman and a major chess player of the 18th century.

Together with the two Italians Ercole del Rio and Giambattista Lolli he founded the so-called school of Modena, which consisted of these three leading masters.

In 1769, his work Il giuoco incomparabile degli scacchi appeared (without authorship ) in Modena (Eng. The with nothing to compare chess game), in which he particularly like the playoffs offered an in-depth analysis of the game in general. His book, in which he advocated the free piece play, made ​​an important contribution to the development of the modern conception of playing in the 18th and 19th centuries. In the years 1773, 1801 and 1812 reprints appeared in Venice this work. In 1782 he was in Modena a new edition, now with authorship, Print. This work was reprinted several times: Rome 1829, 1838, 1837 Verona, Venice, 1861.

After Ponziani an opening is named: 1.e2 -e4 e7 - e5 -f3 2.Sg1 Sb8 - c6 3.c2 - c3. This way of playing is indeed mentioned in the Göttingen manuscript and Giulio Cesare Polerio, but it was Ponziani, who particularly recommended incomparabile in his book Il giuoco.

He also drew attention to the following Gambit: 1.e2 -e4 e7 - e5 - c4 2.Lf1 Ng8 - f6 3.d2 -d4 ( the Ponziani Gambit in the rotor game).


  • " Autore Modenese " Il giuoco incomparabile degli scacchi, Modena 1769
  • Domenico Ponziani: Il giuoco incomparabile degli scacchi, Modena 1782 (2nd edition) - Note: The author is mentioned in the Preface
  • Nonfiction author (Chess )
  • Chess players
  • Historical person (Italy )
  • Person (Modena )
  • Born in 1719
  • Died in 1796
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