Dominance (genetics)

In genetics is between dominant ( from Latin: dominus = master, dominant ) and recessive alleles differed, with the dominant alleles prevail over the recessive in the characteristic value.


  • If a person has in his possession the blood group B property and on the second set of chromosomes blood group characteristic 0, then B is dominant and recessive 0. His blood type is B, because the dominant trait B is located in the characteristic value against the recessive characteristic 0 by.
  • In the pea plant there are red and white flowers. For the different flower color different alleles are responsible: the allele for red or white flowers for color. As in diploid organisms such as the pea plant always two alleles occur that determine a characteristic, the plant can two identical alleles for the red flower color, two identical alleles of the white flower color or two different alleles (one for red and one for the white flower color ) possess. In the latter case, however, produced a red flower, because the term " white " is masked by the dominant allele for red flower color.