Domingo Ghirardelli

Domenico ( Domingo ) Ghirardelli sen. (* 1817 in Rapallo, † January 17, 1894 ) was an Italian chocolatier.

South America

Domenico Ghirardelli was the son of a chocolatier. In 1837 he first moved to Uruguay, then in 1838 to Lima, Peru, where he opened a candy store and changed his first name to Domingo ( the Spanish-language equivalent of his birth name).


Coming from Peru, he landed on January 11, 1848 only 13 days before the discovery of gold in " Sutter 's Mill ", in San Francisco. During the California Gold Rush, he first spent several months in Sonora and Jamestown. After a short time as a dealer in Stockton, he founded on June 18, 1852 in San Francisco with " Ghirardelli & Girard ", the predecessor company of the Ghirardelli Chocolate Company. On February 7, 1852, his eldest son, Joseph, Nicolas was born and became one of the honorigsten businessmen of the city. He died shortly after the earthquake on 11 May 1906.

His father, however, developed in 1865 from a random situation out a method of manufacturing chocolate, which is now known as Bromo - process and very widespread. After his resignation in 1892, his total of three sons took over the business, which they enlarged and therefore laid in 1893 on San Francisco's "Northern Waterfront " where is the famous " Ghirardelli Square" today.

Domingo Ghirardelli died in 1894 during a trip to his native Rapallo. Buried he's on the Mountain View Cemetery in Oakland.

The Ghirardelli Chocolate Company, he left behind a world -known companies in the chocolate industry, which has remained until the takeover by the Swiss company Lindt & Sprüngli in 1998, family-owned.


  • Chocolate manufacturer (person)
  • Italian
  • Born in 1817
  • Died in 1894
  • Man