Dominican Republic national basketball team

The national basketball team in the Dominican Republic the men represent the Dominican Republic in international basketball games. It is one of the better teams in Latin America and is a regular participant in the continental finals at the America Basketball Championship. In particular, in the recent past, she celebrated more success in the America Cup 2011 you could win a medal with the bronze medal for the first time and failed to qualify for the Olympic basketball competition in 2012 only very scarce.

  • 3.1 World Championships
  • 3.2 The Olympic Games
  • 3.3 America Championships
  • 3.4 Pan American Games
  • 3.5 Central American Championships


In 1977 they won the first time the Central American Championships before a home crowd and was allowed to participate in the 1978 World Cup in the Philippines. After remained winless in the preliminary round, you could win two more victories in the placement round and occupied the third last and twelfth place at the championships. Thereafter, no further success more presented a. It was not until the mid-1990s once again won medals at the Central American Championships. After belonged regularly in this competition to the medal winners, we finally won one in front of their home crowd, the " Centro Basket 2004" when you could defeat the duration rivals and more time Olympian Puerto Rico with a point of difference. Under the leadership of NBA pros Al Horford, Francisco Garcia and Charlie Villanueva and Jack Michael Martínez and Luis Alberto Flores first time you won at the U.S. Championships in 2011 a medal when you Puerto Rico, against which it had lost in the second round, the " could defeat the small final ". This one was qualified for the qualifying tournament for the 2012 Olympic Games in London. In June 2012, they defeated before their audience in the finale at the Puerto Rico Central America Championships and won against the record winners of this competition even for the third time the title. In the Olympic qualifying tournament in early July 2012 at the Venezuela Caracas one was trained by the renowned U.S. coach John Calipari and survived successfully the first round. After one could defeat the EM Fourth of Macedonia in the quarter finals, but they lost the two crucial games against the multiple Olympic medalist Lithuania, as well as something of a surprise against Nigeria.

Current squad

Known player

Other well-known players who played in the recent past in the national team are:

  • Jeff Greer ( b. 1979 )
  • Al Horford (* 1986)
  • Sammy Mejia (* 1983)
  • Charlie Villanueva (* 1984)

Performance in international competitions

World Championships

Olympic games

America Championships

  • 2003 - 8th Place
  • 2005 - 6th place
  • 2007 - does not qualify
  • 2009 - 5th place
  • 2011 -. space

Pan American Games

Until 1975 - or not qualified

Central American Championships

  • 2008 -. space
  • 2010 -. space
  • 2012 -. space

Pictures of Dominican Republic national basketball team