Dominion Resources

Dominion Resources is a U.S. company headquartered in Richmond. The company is listed in the stock indexes S & P 500, Dow Jones Composite Average and the Dow Jones Utility Average.

Dominion Resources produces and sells electricity and natural gas to its customers in the U.S. states of Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and in the eastern part of the state of North Carolina. Furthermore, some locations in the states of Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Massachusetts and Connecticut.


Among the founders of the company were George Washington and James Madison. 1781, the Parliament passed by the Virginia Appomattox trustee, to promote navigation on the Appomattox River. 1795 Upper Appomattox Company, the company was founded to secure the water rights on the river. The company took on various water plants on the river and built the first steam power plant, 1888.