Dominique Sanda

Dominique Sanda (actually Dominique Marie -Françoise Renée Varaigne; born March 11, 1948 in Paris) is a French actress.


Sanda married at the age of 15 years, the divorce was followed two years later and she worked as a model. Her film debut was in a leading role in Robert Bresson's film adaptation of Dostoevsky - The Gentle (1969). She played a woman who in trying to break free from conventions of Catholicism fails. Gained international recognition Sanda by starring bisexual lady Anna Quadri in Bernardo Bertolucci The great error (1970). That same year, the actress Vittorio de Sica was occupied by The Garden of the Finzi Contini for. She played the role of Ada in Bernardo Bertolucci's epic 1900 (1976) and Irene in Mauro Bologninis The legacy of Ferramonti (1976 ) - for which she won the Best Actor Award at the Film Festival of Cannes 1976 - and nine in the Crosshairs (1971 ), Beyond Good and Evil ( 1976) and Jacques Demy's A Room in the City (1982).

Dominique Sanda occurs predominantly in Italian-French film and television productions. On television, she played among others Inessa Armand in the Damiano Damiani The train (1988). Her last major film success of the Thriller is one of The Crimson Rivers ( 2000).