Domodossola ( Walser German Doem; outdated German Domo ) is a city in the province of Verbano -Cusio -Ossola in Italy.

Location and data

The city of Roman origin lies at the center of the Val Toce Ossolane ( Ossola Valley ) on the route of the Simplon Pass to Lake Maggiore. In ancient times, Domodossola (after the Lepontiern ) Oscella Lepontiorum, later called Domus Ossulae. Due to its strategic location on the mountain pass it was early an important center.

Today Domodossola counts 18,306 inhabitants (as at 31 December 2012).

As the only major Italian city with "D " is the name of Domodossola in the Italian phonetic alphabet is used for the letter (D di Domodossola ) and is known throughout Italy.


On September 10, 1944 Domodossola capital of 44 days ending partisan State Repubblica dell'Ossola. In the area between Domodossola, Cannobio and the Swiss border, it was the partisans managed to drive out the fascist troops and proclaim a separate republic. However, from the 19th of October the Germans moved from Cannobio quickly before and explained a few days later, the Repubblica over.


With the opening of the Simplon road by Napoleon in 1805, the growth of the city began. The railway connection to Novara in 1888 and construction of the railway through the Simplon Tunnel ( 1906) brought the city further growth. In addition, in Domodossola begins the Cento Valli railway, which connects to Locarno as a narrow gauge railway.


  • On the outskirts of a mountain of Sacro Monte di Domodossola to visit. The Sacro Monte di Domodossola is part of the Sacri Monti. The Sacri Monti of Piedmont and Lombardy are since 2003 a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Northern Italy.
  • Simplon Museum (Museo sempioniano ) items, documents and models tell from the Simplon Tunnel ( 1906). Other exhibits relating to the history of the pass in front of the tunnel and the flight of Geo Chavez ( 1910).
  • Municipal Natural Science Museum ( Civico Museo di Scienze naturali ): collection of botanical, paleontological, zoolitischen, malacological, zoological, mineralogical and geological exhibits from the former G. G. Galletti Foundation.
  • Science museum Mellerio Rosmini (Museo di Scienze naturali " Mellerio Rosmini " ): the collection includes animals, plants and minerals. In the mineralogical department rock samples are exhibited, which were found at the Simplon tunnel.

Twin Cities

  • Switzerland Brig ( Valais, Switzerland )

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Massimiliano Blardone, skier
  • Alberto Fortis, a pop singer
  • Maurizio Oioli, Skeleton Pilot
  • Alberto Polacchi, Skeleton Pilot
  • Lorenzo Squizzi, football player