Don Martin (cartoonist)

Don Martin ( born May 18, 1931 in Paterson (New Jersey); † January 6, 2000 in Miami ) was one of the most popular cartoonists of MAD magazine.

From 1955 on, he drew for Mad his characters with the characteristic long chin and folded over feet and created a number of onomatopoeia. He was considered a master of the imaged slapstick and black humor.

When Don Martin in 1987 after a dispute with his publisher, William M. Gaines isolated over royalties from the American MAD and went to the competition Cracked, came both the American and the German MAD into a serious crisis, what were trying to compensate for both editions in that they employed artist who impersonated Don Martin style. But this never had similar success. Even new editions of the German MAD still contain reprints of old Don Martin's cartoons.

Don Martin died on 6 January 2000 from cancer.