Don Sundquist

Kenneth Donald "Don" Sundquist ( born March 15, 1936 in Moline, Illinois ) is an American politician and former governor of the state of Tennessee.

Early years and political rise

Don Sundquist graduated 1957, the Augustana College. The following two years he was a Marine in the U.S. Navy. In 1962, he began his business career with entry into a company, school supplies produced. In 1972 he founded in Memphis, where he had since moved, a private company. It was a working in the printing and advertising sector company. At this time, his political career began as a member of the Republican Party. In this capacity, he supported Howard Baker in 1979 in its vain attempt to win the Republican nomination for the presidential election in 1980. From 1983 to 1995 Sundquist was represented in the House of Representatives of the United States on several committees.

Governor of Tennessee

In 1994, Sundquist was elected governor of Tennessee. Since he made the re-election in 1998, he was a total of eight years in office. During this time, Tennessee saw a general economic upturn. The governor put an emphasis on the family policy. His family program caused an improvement in the economic conditions of many poor families. In the eight years of his reign, it was possible to reduce the number of families in need of social support from about 70,000 to about 30,000. Also during his tenure was offered for the first time a nationwide and all medical areas covering health insurance. The public schools and libraries were given access to the Internet. He campaigned for the introduction of income tax at the state level a - a proposal that was widely disputed and caused a certain loss of popularity of the governor. After two terms of office he retired from office in 2003.