Donald Fagen

Donald Jay Fagen ( born January 10, 1948 in Passaic, New Jersey) is the lead singer and keyboardist of the U.S. duo Steely Dan.

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Musical career

Steely Dan

Donald Fagen and Walter Becker met each other in the 1960s at Bard College, Annandale -on-Hudson (New York), know. In 1972, she formed the group Steely Dan. Fagen and Becker were the core of the group, and co-wrote all the tracks. For studio recordings and concerts Becker played bass and later the lead guitar. Fagen played keyboards and was usually the lead singer of the group.

After Steely Dan had in 1974 released their third album, the rest of the musicians left by little the group and they became a duo project Beckers and Fagens that began from then on, record their albums with excellent studio musicians of the jazz and rock genres. Her biggest success was the album Aja in 1977, which reached platinum status.


Between the breakup of the band and their reunion Fagen brought out two solo albums, and later two more.

Fagen received (as well as Becker) 2001 Honorary Doctorate of Music from Berklee College of Music.

In October 2012, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sunday newspaper published an interview with Fagen in which it dealt with were his new record Sunken Condos.

Solo albums

The Nightfly

Especially the first, published in 1982, produced by Gary Katz concept album The Nightfly gained great popularity and reached number 11 in the U.S. charts.


Appeared in 1993 Kamakiriad, was involved in the Steely Dan partner Walter Becker as a musician and producer, which led to the reunion of the band. This, too, is a " concept album ", since all of the songs revolve around a character who, by traveling the world in her new eco - high-tech car, a Kamakiri. The funky album that does not include a title that is shorter than five minutes, some critics labeled as very dynamic and can not be compared with the musical and lyrical sophistication of its predecessor.

Morph the Cat

2006 appeared the third solo album Morph the Cat who wants to know Fagen understood as the last part of a trilogy of albums. For the purpose of musical homogeneity of the three publications, Fagen, be heard on this album, the well-known of its predecessors pop-jazz - mix. Lyrically, he cuts political topics, reports on airport security ( Security Joan ) and leaves the title track on Manhattan einschweben an extraterrestrial giant cat. As a preliminary Single Gang was released in the U.S. H.

Sunken Condos

With his fourth solo album " Sunken Condos " ( October 2012 ) Donald Fagen new ways of easily discovered. The symbiosis of jazz, funk, R & B and rock creates a blanket of sound, which is different than the two predecessors catchy. Condo is the abbreviation of condominium to German condominium. On the record sleeve or CD you can see a sunken in the sea skyscrapers. The music is relaxed and casual - in contrast to the more complicated arrangements.


Studio albums

Live album