Donaldson International Airways

The Donaldson International Airways was a British airline that has its operation in 1974 set. The company led by international charter flights and air freight shipments.


Donaldson International Airways ( DIA) was established in 1964. Flight operations, however, only began in April 1969 with three turboprop aircraft of the type Bristol Britannia. As a starting bases, airports London Gatwick and Glasgow served. In the first year of operation charters were flown on European routes only. On May 27, 1970, Donaldson received a Britannia freighter and went with this one in the air freight business. The first jet aircraft of type Boeing 707 was taken from the holdings of the Pan American World Airways on 15 December 1970. After the transfer of the second machine of this type also charter flights to the USA and to East and Southeast Asia were conducted from May 1971. In 1972, two more Boeing 707 supplemented the fleet and caused the remaining Bristol Britannia from. The four Boeing used were equipped with side cargo door on the main deck and allowed for flexible transportation of passengers or freight containers.

The end of 1973, the company ran into financial difficulties due to the low utilization of their machines. Although you could two aircraft (G- AYVG, G AZWA ) rent to the Iraqi Airways on 1 May 1974 but the economic slide of the company did not stop. On August 8, 1974 Donaldson International Airways ceased flight operations.

Used aircraft

  • Boeing 707-321 (G- AYVG )
  • Boeing 707- 321F (G- AYXR, G AZWA, G BAEL )
  • Bristol 175 Britannia 312/317 (G- AOVC, G - APNA, G APNB )
  • Bristol 175 Britannia 312F (G- AOVF )
  • Former airline ( United Kingdom)