When Donationware (of English " donation". Donation) is freeware, the author asks for a donation of any amount to compensate for the costs arising from further development or dissemination of the software costs (for example, server costs ). Even if the source code of the software is available, so Donationware also meets the criteria for being free policy.


A more severe form of license is Shareware. Although it allows the sharing of an often limited usable version, but offers the full functionality only after the purchase of the software.

A very similar form of license is Mindware, in which the payment is to be characterized not as a donation but as a fee, so the software is no longer considered as freeware.

More Free license types are:

  • Beerware allows free use, but the author asks if you like to the Inject a beer or something similar.
  • Charityware allows free use, but the author asks if you like to make a donation for a good cause.
  • Cardware is Freeware, in which the author of the user expects to receive a postcard.
  • Comment goods is freely available, but it is asked to comment on the program (similar to beta testing ).
  • Copyleft limited only by the rights of a free software that derivative works have to grant the same freedoms.
  • Freeware is software that is provided without charge are available from the author.
  • Free software allows to use it for any purpose, to copy them freely, study, modify and redistribute.
  • Linkware calls for a link to the author website in use or favor.
  • Public Domain (Eng. " Public Domain " ) means the complete renunciation of the author on his rights. The legal rights and obligations may vary from country to country.
  • Software License
  • Donation