Dong Yanmei

Dong Yanmei (Chinese董 艶 梅/董 艳梅, Pinyin Dǒng Yanmei; born February 16, 1977) is a Chinese long-distance runner.

The young runner was managed by the controversial coach Ma Junren when she saw at the Chinese National Games 1997 in Shanghai sensation.

It improved in the flow of the five year-old record by Fernanda Ribeiro in the 5000 -meter run by more than five seconds to 14:31,27 min after two days earlier with 30:38,09 min already champion in the 10,000 meter race had become. In the final, she was indeed with 14:29,82 min faster, but had to Jiang Bo ( 14:28,09 min) to admit defeat, which had also remained in the flow even under the old world record. A few days later won the Dalian Dong - Marathon in 2:28:09 h

In 2000, she was among the athletes from Mas cadres who were removed after an eye-catching blood test from the Chinese squad for the Olympic Games in Sydney.

In 2001, she was over 3000 m at the Fifth IAAF World Indoor Championships in Lisbon and about 5000 m at the Fourth World Athletics Championships in Edmonton. Shortly thereafter she won at the Universiade in Beijing 5000m and 10,000 m.


  • Athlete Portrait of Dong Yanmei at the IAAF (English)


  • Long-distance runner
  • Marathon runners
  • Athlete (China)
  • Born in 1977
  • Woman