Doraemon (Japaneseドラえもん) is a Japanese cartoon character that was in 1970 presented to the public for the first time. The figure was created by Hiroshi Fujimoto, who published the eponymous manga together with Abiko Motoo under the pen name Fujiko Fujio. The figure and all merchandise licensed by Fujiko Pro.

In Asia, Doraemon has the same level of awareness as Mickey Mouse in the Western world. The countless episodes of the cartoon series are often provided with perceptible teaching purposes. They were translated into a number of languages.


The robot Doraemon is sent from the 22nd century to the present. The great-great- grandson of Nobita thereby trying to achieve that the Dub Nobita is saved from his biggest mistakes, leads a carefree life and not get into trouble, the impact to the future. In particular, Doraemon is to ensure that Nobita avoid unnecessary difficulties and is bent on as planned marries Shizuka.

The stories follow set patterns. Nobita comes home crying and calling loudly for Doraemon: " Doraemon, help me ." Together they stand by and cope with some of the problems Nobitas adventure, ranging from problems at school about trouble with classmates to uncertainties in dealing with girls. In order to help Nobita, Doraemon always conjures up new imaginative devices of the future from his pocket. Frequently Nobita gets through their use, however, even deeper into the mess.


The blue robot cat Doraemon has a similar appearance. His ears were nibbled by a robot mouse, this means he was terrified of mice, even though they actually can not damage the robot. He weighs 129.3 kg, is 129.3 cm tall, can leap 129.3 cm high in the air and runs up to 129.3 km / h fast. At the belly he carries a bag that Yojigen - Poketto on German four-dimensional pocket that opens into another space continuum and therefore offers plenty of space. From his pocket he takes as needed all sorts of objects from the future, about an everywhere - door and various other technical toys.

Nobita go in the 4th grade, is often unfocused, not too good in school and easily falls into trouble. Despite all his weaknesses, he is still a lovable boy who has his heart in the right place, thus gaining the sympathy of the reader. In the future, he and Shizuka are married and have children, but in the present it looks too often do not look.

Shizuka is the only girl in the stories. She is charming, adorable and is loved by all the boys in the class. That they will marry Nobita, she knows as little as he. She lives in the neighborhood, is very well in school and loves the extensive bathing. In many episodes, it 's about how Nobita with Doraemons help trying to impress them.

Honekawa Suneo is a fuchsgesichtiger creep. He lies and deceives through life. He's pretty bright and has an exceptionally good general knowledge. He is vulgar, and spoiled, and gets almost everything he wants. Above all, he wants Doraemon lives with him and everything is what he has not. His best friend is Jyian. He chops constantly around on Nobita and gets him into trouble. He is secretly in love with Shizuka. Although he is a braggart and a snob, he is right- amiable in some series. Of course, then everyone's poor character reappears.

Gouda Takeshi ( Jyian ) is the bully of the group. He is tough and strong and can not sing. He and Suneo always pick on Nobita. He is getting because of all the things that Nobita and Suneo, often jealous of her. So he takes away their toys and tortures them. He likes to read comic books, and his grades are not very good though not as bad as that of Nobita. He gets like Nobita always in trouble. He has a younger sister Jyaiko (ジャイ子).

Dekisugi is an all around perfect man. He is among the best in class, athletic and quite popular. Only Suneo is popular because he gifted the girl from the neighborhood. He is very friendly, humble and never brags. Nobita is always trying to achieve that Dekisugi him his homework makes to him as the school day a little easier.



The first manga published in January 1970 at the same time in different children's magazines that are aimed at children of different ages. In each of the monthly magazine, a manga was published, which was aligned to the respective age group. The publisher Shogakukan magazine CoroCoro Comic in 1979 brought out the content initially dealt exclusively with Doraemon.

The series was published from 1974 to 1996 in 45 anthologies, Shogakukan also used a number of consequences in various manga magazines.


The first anime implementation in 1973 did not arrive with the viewers and was canceled after a short time. In 1979, a new anime aired at TV Asahi, which has been very successful to date. 2005 was shown for the 25th birthday of Doraemon, a newly produced series.

The first anime feature-length films were produced in 1980. The action was thereby partially relocated to exotic or prehistoric places and in some movies legends and literary sources were utilized, which gave the films more adventurous character.

The 2007 getting on in Japanese cinema 27 movie Doraemon: Nobita no Shin Makai Daibōken - Shichinin no Mahotsukai played a $ 33.1 million, making it the second most successful anime film of the year and ranked seventh among all films in Japan.


The manga won the 1982 Shogakukan Manga Award 27. Fujiko Fujio received for Doraemon 1997 at the first award of the Osamu Tezuka Culture Prize - the Great Manga Award.