Dorf an der Pram

Dorf an der Pram is a municipality in Upper Austria in Schärding district in Innviertel with 1044 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013). The municipality is located in the judicial district Schärding.

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Dorf an der Pram is at 395 m altitude in Innviertel. The expansion is 4.9 kilometers from north to south, from west to east 5.3 km. The total area is 12.6 km ². 7.9% of the area is forested, 80.2 % of the area is used for agriculture.

Districts of the municipality

Augendobl, Außerjebing, village, Großreiting, Habetswohl, Hinterndobl, Kleinreiting, Kumpfmuehl, wage village, Mitterjebing, Mundorfing, Natzing, Obernparz, Parting, Pimingsdorf, Roiding, Schacha, Treasure Village, Stögen, Thal Ling, Vorderndobl, Weigljebing.

Coat of arms

Blazon: About three golden mountain in red two silver, averted, rising fish. The municipality colors are red -yellow-red. The coat of arms of the municipality Dorf an der Pram goes back to the family coat of arms of the noble family of Auckhentobler, which still adorns the nave of the parish church with the year 1481.


The location of the village was first mentioned in a document from the year 1371 and at that time was in the region of the seat of Auckentobler (now Town Augendobl ), which were in turn subject to the lords of Schaubergwerk. 1481 was a chapel dedicated to St. Wolfgang built by Sigmund Auckhentobler in the village and was ordained in 1501 as a branch church.

The area was part of the parish church in Taiskirchen Innkreis, but belonged to state law not as it was a large part of the Innviertel to Bavaria, but the Habsburg Empire.

Around 1560, the noble seat was Hinterndobl built (now Gasthof Bräu ) on which the peasant leader Ahaz Willinger of the Au ( 1626 ) lived. This building is a peasant war memorial today.

In 1680, the village became an independent parish and with this year also began matriculation.

During the Napoleonic wars royal bavarian short, is one of the place since 1814 finally returned to Austria above the Enns.

Since 1969, the Catholic parish Dorf an der Pram no longer a resident priest at the site. Currently, the parish is co-supervised by Riedau from.

A special ambitious project of the municipality was in 1998 in which eleven people together realized the establishment of district heating Dorf an der Pram, the construction of a wood chip heating.

Also in 1998, the new municipal office building was put into operation. It was officially handed over to its 1999.

2001, the new kindergarten building and sample local solemnly the provision was passed. By the end of 2002, the village belonged to the district court Raab, after its dissolution, she was assigned to the judicial district of Schärding.


  • Mayor Karl EINBÖCK of the ÖVP.
  • The council represented parties are the ÖVP, SPÖ, FPÖ
  • Population development: In 1991, the municipality had 982 inhabitants according to the census, 1,015 inhabitants in 2001.


  • Musikverein village ( brass bands )
  • Church choir village

Culture and sights

  • Parish Church of Saint Wolfgang


Through the municipal area of ​​Dorf an der Pram leads the railway line Wels -Passau; the stop Kumpfmuehl situated in the municipality.

Public institutions

  • Community and parish library
  • Kindergarten
  • Elementary school



  • Franz Hans Bauer, former mayor