Dorf, Switzerland

Village is a municipality in the district of Andelfingen in the canton of Zurich in Switzerland.

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Village is situated on the road from Henggart to Flaach in Flaachtal. On a hill stands the castle Goldberg. From the municipality is 53.2 % are agricultural land, 40.2% is forest, 5.0% is built-up area and 1.6% are used for transport.

The village community is bordered on the north by Andelfingen, to the east by Humlikon, on the southeast by Neftenbach, on the southwest by the Irschel book and on the west by Volken.



The SVP has 50.36 %, 11.35%, the SP, the EDU 9.44%, the glp 7.17%, 6.39%, the FDP, the BDP 5.79%, the Greens 3.36%, the EPP 2.47%, and the CVP 1.35% of the vote ( national election of 2011).

Mayor Werner Winkler ( 2008).


The village was first mentioned in 1044.


Villa Arbenz

South of the village, when Ruetihof under the hill mountain Buck, is the " Villa Arbenz ," the former command post of the former Border Brigade 6 of the Swiss army. His nickname reflects the bunker after the last commander, Brigadier Peter Arbenz.

The facility was created from 1938 as part of the Réduit and expanded during the Cold War over and over again, most recently in the 1980s with 12cm Fortress mortars. The previously classified as secret facility extends from the entrance disguised as barn 300 m long and 50 m deep under the hill. It was taken in late 1995 with the reform of the army army 95 out of service. Today, she oversees the Military Historical Foundation of the Canton of Zurich.


  • Max Maag (1883-1960), Swiss mechanical engineer and organ builders
  • Eugen Wipf (1916-1948), Swiss prisoner functionary in the SS special camp Hinzert