• SPÖ: 8
  • ÖVP: 7
  • FPÖ: 2

Dorfgastein is the first and with 1636 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013 ), even the smallest municipality in the Gastein Valley in the district of St. Johann im Pongau in Austria. Districts are Dorfgastein, Luggau ( cadastral village Gastein) and Maierhofen, Unterberg ( Cadastral gorge stone). By the end of 2002, the village belonged to the district court Gastein, since 2003 she has been part of the judicial district of St. Johann im Pongau.

Community structure

The municipality comprises the following six localities ( in parentheses population as of 31 October 2011):

  • Bergl ( 0)
  • Dorfgastein ( 752 )
  • Klammstein ( 0)
  • Luggau (195 )
  • Maierhofen (450)
  • Unterberg (231 )

The municipality comprises the cadastral village Gastein and gorge stone.


1212 was a Documentary mention the use of the Gastein gorge as riding and mule track. 1342 was the first documentary mention as ze Dorff in the oldest Gastein Mining order. 1350 was the founding of the church Rupert Church Dorff.

Until 1520 Klammstein Castle administrative center, seat of the archbishop's steward of Gastein, tolls and fuse position was at the entrance. 1735 was a first school in the village of Gastein in 1921 there was electric light in the classes. 1893 Telegraph Office was established in the village of Gastein. 1927 was the opening of the school building. In 1959 the opening of the first Dorfgasteiner ski lift.

Culture and sights

Coat of arms

The coat of arms of the municipality is: " In red is one of two golden balls accompanied curly golden tip. The top is covered with a red ball. "


  • Volunteer Fire Dorfgastein
  • Band Strochner
  • Kameradschaftsbund village Gastein
  • Gastein Schützenkompanie
  • Mr. pus group Dorfgastein
  • Trachtenverein village Gastein
  • Beekeepers Dorf Gastein
  • Mountain Rescue Dorfgastein
  • Water Rescue Dorfgastein
  • Alpen Dorf Gastein

Tourism and Sport

The Großarltal - Dorfgastein, part of the Ski amadé extends across the Kreuzkogel, of 885 m at Grossarl to 2,027 m altitude where the connection lies in the Großarltal to Großarl. About 80 kilometers of slopes are accessible by five cable cars, eight chairlifts and five surface lifts. The transport capacity is approximately 29,000 people per hour. Shuttle buses connect the village with the Gastein ski Schloßalm - Angertal- Stubnerkogel ( Bad Gastein, Bad Hofgastein ).

  • Tennis Dorf Gastein ASKOE Stoani
  • Kite flying club The Dorfgasteiner thermals vultures
  • UPS village Gastein
  • Winter sports Dorf Gastein
  • Eisschützenverein village Gastein
  • Marksmen Dorf Gastein


Dorfgastein only has a kindergarten and an elementary school, then the children have to commute either to Bad Hofgastein in the main school or to St. Johann im Pongau in the gymnasium.


The Dorfgasteiner Wilhelm Köstinger participated in the 1936 Winter Olympics in Garmisch -Partenkirchen and finished as best Austrian the 15th in the Nordic combined. Will helmet Köstinger is the father of former Nordic combiner Willi Köstinger jun.

  • Kurt Engl (* 1979), alpine skier
  • Heidemarie residual Hinterseer ( born 1959 ), former Member of Parliament, lives in the village Gastein