Dorothea Sophia, Abbess of Quedlinburg

Dorothea Sophie of Saxe- Altenburg ( born December 19, 1587 Weimar, † February 10, 1645 ibid ) was abbess of the rich immediate and free secular Quedlinburg.


Dorothea Sophie was a daughter of Duke Friedrich Wilhelm I of Saxe- Weimar (1562-1602) from his first marriage with Duchess Sophie of Württemberg ( 1563-1590 ).

She received the homage as Abbess of Quedlinburg on 21 April 1618th Just three weeks earlier, she had been confirmed by Emperor Matthias in office. In her tenure, the Thirty Years War, the pin and city Quedlinburg falls hit extremely hard.

Unlike their predecessors, Dorothea Sophie went increasingly confrontational with the Municipality of Quedlinburg and the pin patrons Johann Georg I of Saxony. 1627 was the abbess adopt a church and police regulations that are not fully been exercised because of the objections of the pin patrons. A year later, Dorothea Sophie made ​​her younger sister Dorothea (1601-1675) to Koadjutorin, but she married in 1633 Duke Albert of Saxe- Eisenach. They led in 1639 to mark the 100th anniversary of the Reformation in Quedlinburg, a foundation so that this festival could be celebrated annually. The University of Jena she was also a donation of 4,000 guilders.

In their possession is " Therein Christian teaching children. D. Martini Lutheran Catechism of the Holy from the Holy Scriptures erkleret " was the writing of the Saxon court preacher Abraham Langen. The personal notes of the abbess in it are about as extensive as the actual original text. The handwriting is illegible, it is believed that she made notes for their sermons.