Dorothea Viehmann

Dorothea cattle man ( born Katharina Dorothea Pierson, born November 8, 1755 in Rengershausen, now a district of Baunatal, † November 17, 1815 ) was one of the main sources for the collections of fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm. Dorothea cattle 's stories published the Brothers Grimm, especially in the second volume of her children 's and Household Tales.


Dorothea cattle man was born as Catherine Dorothea Pierson in Rengershausen as the daughter of an innkeeper. The paternal ancestors had come as a persecuted Huguenots after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes to Hesse -Kassel. Due to this French origin found on Dorothea cattle man, a number of French fairy tales variations of precipitation in the collection of fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm. In the parlor of her father she heard beyond many stories, legends and fairy tales of by traveling merchants, artisans and carters, which she passed on later to the brothers.

Later home of Dorothea cattle man in Kassel- Niederzwehren

1777 married Dorothea Schneider Nicholas Pierson the cattle man and moved with him in 1787 after Niederzwehren (today district of Kassel). After the death of her husband she made for herself and her seven children by selling their garden products on the market. 1813 she met the brothers Grimm know and told them about 40 fairy tales and fairy tale variations to at least 36 Tales of the Brothers Grimm. Wilhelm Grimm wrote of her: " One of those great coincidences that we have a farmer's wife came to know from the located in Kassel village Niederzwehren ... The woman Viehmännin was still vigorous and not much more than 50 years old ... She kept the old legends firmly in mind was ". Particularly impressed by the Brothers Grimm were the fact that they knew the tales to tell over and over again in an unchanged word choice.

In cattle man returning fairytale

  • One of the fairy tale, which tells the Grimm brothers were of the " Viehmännin ", is the fairy tale KHM 106 The poor miller's boy and the kitten. Here the Huguenot ancestry of Dorothea cattle man is particularly evident because it has a lot of similarity with the French fairy tale The white cat (La chatte blanche ) Madame d' Aulnoy the.
  • The fairy tale KHM 29 The devil with the three golden hairs is in its final version, which was published in 1819 by the brothers Grimm, also on Dorothea cattle man back.
  • KHM 6 Faithful John
  • KHM 9 The twelve brothers
  • KHM 34 Clever Else
  • KHM 61 The peasant
  • KHM 63 The Three Feathers
  • KHM 71 Six soldiers of the world
  • KHM 76 The Clove
  • KHM 89 The Goose Girl
  • KHM 94 The wise farmer's daughter
  • KHM 98 Doctor Know
  • KHM 100 The Devil's sooty brother
  • KHM 102 The Wren and the Bear
  • KHM 108 Hans My Hedgehog
  • KHM 111 The trained hunters
  • KHM 115 The bright sun brings it to light
  • KHM 118 The three army-surgeons
  • KHM 125 The devil and his grandmother
  • KHM 127 The iron stove
  • KHM 128 The Lazy Spinner

In Dorothea cattle man returning texts have in the notes of the Brothers Grimm always pointing out Zwehrn. Bernhard Lauer suggested, therefore, that also KHM 176 The lifetime, which is said to have told from Zwehrn a farmer could stand in the same tradition. Have also benefited versions of Dorothea cattle man in another fairy tale with one or reproduced in the notes as variants.

Livestock man - places and honors

The guest and Brauhaus Knallhütte in which Dorothea 's cattle grew up and which is owned by the Hütt brewery today, is in Baunatal - Rengershausen on the motorway A 49 near the motorway junction Kassel -West.

The center of Kassel- Niederzwehren is also called due to the former residence of the storyteller today fairytale quarter '. The names of some streets and roads in this area are reminiscent of the Brothers Grimm and their fairy tales, such as the street names fairytale, Sleeping Beauty path, Tom Thumb, Sterntalerweg, Dorothea cattle - man - street and the Brothers Grimm Road. Since 1951, the local primary school in Niederzwehren named Dorothea Cattle Fighter School. In the area between the Kassel districts Niederzwehren and Oberzwehren a park was named after the storyteller.

At the half-timbered house in the fairytale in which lived Dorothea cattle man from 1787 to 1798, remember a plaque and a bust of the storyteller. Also at the house in the Brothers Grimm street, the family lived from 1798 is drawn to the former resident.

In February 2009, a life-size bust half of Dorothea cattle man was revealed that created the artist Berahna Massoum on behalf of the Brothers Grimm Museum Kassel based on the drawn portraits of Ludwig Emil Grimm. The bust was placed on a stone pedestal at the corner of the street Korbacher Frankfurter Straße.


In September 2012, an etching has been identified from the holdings of the University Library of Kassel as a previously unknown picture of Dorothea cattle man. It comes from Ludwig Emil Grimm.