Dorothy Hart

Dorothy Hart ( born April 4, 1923 in Cleveland, Ohio; † 11 July 2004 in Asheville, North Carolina) was an American actress.


Hart began her career in the early 1940s as a model and received in 1947, after only one film ( Gunfighters ) for Columbia Pictures, a contract with Universal Pictures. There they had their greatest success in the two -time Academy Award -winning works of Jules Dassin: City without a mask. German viewers it was probably mostly known as Jane in Tarzan, the defender of the jungle with Lex Barker. Despite - or perhaps because of - their elegance and strong charisma did not succeed in the studio, they occupy adequate, and it was more or less burned in B-movies such as Western and prison movies. As a consequence, they were in the early 1950s to her film career, because their productions of Hollywood film industry were too superficial, as it stated even then.

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