Dorothy Holman

Edith Dorothy Holman ( born July 18, 1883 in London, England; † 1968 ibid ) was a British tennis player.


In 1920, she won at the side of Winifred Beamish the silver medal in women's doubles at the Olympics. Previously, she had already won the individual silver medal. They also took part in the Mixed Competition, stepped down with Gordon Lowe but from as early as the first round.

At the Wimbledon Championships she achieved in 1913 with the single reaching the semi-finals her best result in which they defeated Winifred McNair in three sets. In the doubles competition in 1922 she could also push forward on the side of Helen Leisk in Wimbledon semi-finals. In addition, they came 1919 to the final of the hard court world championships in Paris, Germaine Golding was beaten there, however.