Dorothy Kilgallen

Dorothy Mae Kilgallen ( born July 3, 1913 in Chicago, Illinois, † November 8, 1965 in New York City ) was an American television host and actress.

Your reports contributed to the relief of Sam Sheppard case, she criticized the Warren Commission, and announced information about the assassination of John F. Kennedy, died in 1965, however, under mysterious circumstances. Your notebook remained untraceable.

Various sources put Kilgallens death with the major power outage in New York (1965, "The Big Blackout" ), which includes a day later, on November 9, 1965 took place in conjunction.

She was a well-known journalist. Your report on the coronation of Elizabeth II in 1953, nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. She was known that they are not surrendering their sources. This led to several investigations and reinforced the doubts about her death. Dorothy Kilgallen commented repeatedly critical of the singer and entertainer Frank Sinatra in their reports. Sinatra reacted angrily and made ​​disparaging remarks about Kilgallen at numerous live performances. At a show in Chicago, for example, he said: "When you bump into Dorothy Kilgallen, be sure you're in a car" ( something like: " If you encounter Dorothy Kilgallen, make sure that you are in a car " ). This statement can be heard on several published in the 1990s live CDs of the Ratpack.

Dorothy Kilgallen was also a regular participant in the show What's My Line? ( German: What am I? ) known. For her work in television she received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The critical moments of their history were partly in the American television series Dark Skies filmed ( Episode: "To Prey in Darkness ").