Dortmund-Scharnhorst station

  • Railway route Dortmund -Hamm


The Bahnhof Dortmund- Scharnhorst is located on the route of the former Cologne - Minden railway between Dortmund districts Alt- Scharnhorst and Brackelsberg on Airport Road. The train station is approached from the Rhein- Emscher -Express ( RE 3 ) and Rhein- Hellweg -Express ( RE 11), in the early morning and in the evening also from the NRW -Express ( RE 1). From here, there are travel opportunities to the Ruhr, Hamm, Dusseldorf, Cologne and Aachen.


During the construction of the Dortmund main station relieving freight rail bypass between Scharnhorst and Nice in 1903 and the marshalling yard Scharnhorst was built, where a passenger was initially performed only for rail staff. On May 6, 1926, the station was then released with the construction of situated in the immediate vicinity, the first Dortmund airport also for the general transport and renamed Dortmund Airport station. Although the airport was at this point until 1959, the name remained until May 31, 1986 consist. During the construction of the station is also a small reception building was built with a waiting room, ticket office, baggage storage and bike shed.

Current Description

Today, the station has no station building, in its place is the interlocking Dortmund- Scharnhorst (Sf ). The two platforms are connected with an old, running parallel to the road bridge steel bridge. At the western end of the station is still another modern pedestrian and bicycle bridge that also links the two platforms together.