Dortmund Stadtbahn

The Stadtbahn Dortmund is a city belonging to the railway Rhine -Ruhr metropolitan railway system of the North Rhine-Westphalian city of Dortmund and is operated by the Dortmunder Stadtwerke. The network with eight lines has a length of 75 kilometers, of which 20.5 km underground. Of the 125 stations, 98 above and 27 below ground.

She went with one of the first tunnels in the Dortmund- Horde district on 27 May 1983 in operation. This first tunnel section of rail was navigated by the tram lines 401 and 406 until the official rail opening on June 2, 1984. After that, the light rail line there was taken U41 in operation.


The rail network is made up of three routes which intersect a triangle in the center and partially ramify in the suburbs. The three intersection stations are Kampstraße, Reinoldikirche and City Garden. Within the city railway station city garden there is also the control center.

As a new rail line, the east-west route was completed. It is referred to as the root path III. The lines U43 and U44 were officially released for driving on April 27, 2008. They replace the existing tram lines 403 and 404

The network consists of two subnets. The branches of the trunk routes I ( Leopold street - Markgrafenstraße ) and II ( Fountain Street City Garden ) are high-floor light rail lines. In contrast, the original route is traveled III with medium-floor light rail vehicles. It therefore looks more like a subway tram, but out in the route network as light rail ( see Design by U two-digit number).

Line network

The following eight lines are operated:

From Westfallenhallen they will continue as U46 in direction fountain street. In the Rush Hour Mon-Fri is the line alternating with the U49 at the port, the U49 trains pass through to the port, put there as a back U45, U45 trains go to Central Station and set as U49 again.

From Westfallenhallen the trains continue as U45 in the direction of Central Station.

At the breakpoints Dortmund townhouse, Dortmund Möller bridge, Dortmund University, Dortmund - Westerfilde, Dortmund - Marten South, Dortmund Dortmund Hbf Wickede and there are transitions to the S- Bahn Rhein -Ruhr. The breakpoint Hoerde is within walking distance to the Dortmund- Horde train station and offers transfer facilities to the regional transport network of the Deutsche Bahn.

Within the city Bahn Rhein -Ruhr Dortmund's network is so far the densest. As the route network plans of the Rhine-Ruhr Stadtbahn, was - unlike in other cities such as Duisburg - the original network expansion to a large extent financed with state funds have so far been largely realized.

Rolling stock


Basically the trains running every 10 minutes ( Brambauer: 20 min), and Sundays from early evening at 15 -minute intervals ( Brambauer: 30 min ). The line U43 is compressed to a five -minute intervals between Westentor and Brackelsberg; all other light rail lines operate only on special occasions, such as at football matches of Borussia Dortmund, in 5 -minute intervals.

Am Hauptbahnhof ( Abstellanlage Leopold Street ) the incoming trains of the U45 change to line U49 and vice versa. Mondays to Fridays happens in the rush hour (15-18 clock ) this is partly the port ( the port as U49, U45 as back from the U45 coming only to the central station, from there as U49 after Hacheney ).

Light rail in the planning

After the 1982 erected and 1991 Rolling operational concept of light rail Dortmund was almost fully implemented with the completion of the east-west route, the Council of the City of Dortmund took on 14 February 2008 the decision on a light rail development plan, which sets the priorities for the future development and which emerged from a study of 24 proposed measures.

  • On the east-west route, including the route to Westfalenhütte (lines U43/44 ) Completion of the tunnel sections ( in April 2008 is carried out )
  • Adjustment of the aerial portions of the east-west route to the mittelflurigen rail cars (up to 2010)
  • Expansion of the section in isopods on two tracks (2009 occurs )
  • Upgrading of the traction power supply
  • Lift retrofits in the Munster Road, Leopold Street subway stations, märkische road and Rombergpark
  • Barrier-free expansion of stops Kirchderne, Airport Road and Droote ( line U42 )
  • Conversion and extension of the subway station Hauptbahnhof ( widening of the side platforms, new access )
  • Doubling of the track between the bus station and branch in Huckarde including barrier-free expansion of the branch station ( line U47 )
  • Level of free unloading, the route to Aplerbeck in the Marsbruchstraße
  • Conversion of stops cabbage garden road, Max Eyth Street, City Crown East and Vosskuhle / Luebke road
  • Urban integrated, barrier-free expansion of the Rheinische street in the wake of the West route (lines U43/44, following the tunnel ramp Heinrichstraße )
  • Barrier-free development of east -west route and the route to the Westfalenhütte
  • Extension of line U49 of Hacheney after Wellinghofen / Godekinstraße
  • Laying the route between Borsigplatz and ramp Weißenburgerstraße ( line U44 ) in the Weißenburgerstraße
  • Level of free expansion of crossing railway / light rail in Upper Cute ( line U47 )
  • Branch line U47 of the stop Huckarde branch to Kirchlinde school center ( cost-benefit factor of 1.2, but annual follow-up costs of about 3 million euros )
  • Further extension of the development of Phoenix -West ( see above ) to Berghofen
  • Extension of line U42 of Grevel after Lanstrop ( cost-benefit factor of 1.13, but urban is currently not compatible with the village development plan Grevel )
  • Extension of line U47 in Aplerbeck
  • Branch line U43 to Wickede Dollersweg
  • Branch of the line U43 at the bus stop at the tithe with guidance on the route of the former Dortmunder Eisenbahn via stop Luebke road to New Stoke Markscheider road ( as a line called U48 )
  • Branch of the line U43 in the Witten road and leadership to Planetenfeldstraße or the Technology Park (linking with S1 line)
  • Extension of line U46 of Westfallenhallen after Löttringhausen in position parallel to the regional rail line to Hagen
  • Connecting curve from the northern end of the U -Bahn station Reinoldikirche ( below) to the northern end of the subway station Hauptbahnhof for the laying of the northern end point of the line U46 of the Fountain Street to Central Station
  • Branch line U47 of the main cemetery on the airport to Holzwickede station
  • Development of the development area Phoenix-West U45 or U46 by
  • Extension of line U44 in the field of Westfalenhütte
  • Extension of line U41 of Clarenberg to Overland Günne