Dos Navigator

The Dos Navigator ( DN) is a DOS clone of the popular, also designed for DOS file manager Norton Commander. He was from 1991 to 1999 of RITLabs, a Moldovan company, developed and distributed. The Dos Navigator was one of the few programs that took advantage of the object-oriented interface library Turbo Vision of Turbo Pascal consistently and successfully. The program is in its basic operation his example, the Norton Commander, very similar (appearance, key bindings, etc. ), but more flexible, more configurable and more extensive. The integrated editor was one of the most powerful and most extensive for DOS. Using configurable shortcuts to file extensions and flexible menus to let external programs such as viewer, packers and other easily integrated into the surface and then extended the functionality of the program in addition. Even a simple Tetris game was part of the program.

With the NTFS file system that is used, among other things of Windows XP, the Dos Navigator is no longer compatible, but probably with all versions of the FAT file system. Using the DOS driver DOSLFN it is possible (for example, an Emergency Repair Disk ) to perform file operations from a pure DOS environment, without destroying the long file names VFAT systems.

Since 1999, the Dos Navigator is an open- source project and is being developed by different groups. The first known offshoot of this project is Necromancer 's Dos Navigator ( NDN ), which is available in versions for Windows NT / XP and Linux. Since 2002, several versions of the originally coordinated by RITLabs project are available once again.