DOSAAF ( acronym for Russian Добровольное общество содействия армии, авиации и флоту as much as Voluntary Society for the support of the army, air force and navy ) was a Soviet mass organization to strengthen defense readiness.

The organization was founded on August 20, 1951, summarized as the successor of OSSOAWIACHIM from the sub companies DOSARM, DOSAW and DOSFLOT, each were responsible for their own strike force and established.

After the end of the Soviet Union DOSAAF persists both in Russia and in Belarus and the Ukraine as independent organization.


Through membership in the DOSAAF young people should be sporty as well prepared technically to their military service in the armed forces of the Soviet Union. This included activities such as motor sports, gliding, parachuting, shooting or amateur radio. This military training was the CPSU important enough to put their airfields and shooting ranges available. Satellite states of the Soviet Union later founded their own organizations according to this model, in the CSSR the Svazarm, in the GDR the GST.


  • Soviet organization
  • Military (Soviet Union)
  • Abbreviation
  • Founded in 1951