Dostyk ( Достық Kazakh or Russian Дружба / Druzhba ) is a settlement in Kazakhstan ( Almaty region ) on the border with China, with about 3,000 inhabitants.

Border crossing

In 1954, the Soviet Union and the People's Republic of China, Alma-Ata and Lanzhou agreed to connect to a railway line. On the Soviet side, the branch of the Turkestan - Siberian Railway reached the place Druzhba (which, like his contemporary Kazakh name Dostyk, friendship means ) in 1959. On the Chinese side of the construction was interrupted in 1962 in Urumqi. Because of the Chinese- Soviet rift Dostyk remained for about 30 years, a remote border town until the railroad was completed by the Dzungarian gate on 12 September 1990. On 20 July 1991, the railway line was opened as a marble slab at the Dostyk station announced.

The border town on the Chinese side is called Alashankou.

Lane change

The railways of the two countries use different gauges. China uses the common in Western Europe standard gauge of 1435 mm, Kazakhstan, the Russian broad gauge 1520 mm. For this reason it is on the border a plant for re-gauging.

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