Douains is a commune with 454 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2011 ) in the department of Eure in the Haute-Normandie region. It is the capital of the municipal association Portes de l' Eure ( CAPE ). The inhabitants are called Duniens.


Douains is located on the eastern edge of Eure, 70 km north-west of Paris, 50 kilometers south-east of Rouen, about 20 kilometers east of Evreux and 7 kilometers southwest of Vernon.


Douains was mentioned in the 11th century, first documented as Duni and Dunos. In 1264 it was mentioned as Doens. The name was probably derived from the Germanic name Dodenus.

In August 1026 Duke Richard II ( 966-1027 ), gave the church of the former village Dunos the Abbey of Fécamp. To the church were three stables and farms. In the 12th century belonged to the Douains castellany Pacy -sur -Eure. In today's municipality of Douains existed before the French Revolution (1789-1799) three fiefs, Douains Brécourt and La Sablonnière.

1809, the hamlet Boisset- Hennequin (now Saint -Vincent -des- Bois ) and Brécourt were incorporated.


The Château de Brécourt castle is situated on the road to Vernon, it is surrounded by a moat umringtes castle from the 17th century which has burned over the centuries, was bombarded and served as a summer colony. It is now used as a hotel restaurant and was entered in the Register of Monuments historiques additional ("historical monuments " ) in 1967. The castle can be reached by an avenue of lime trees. The main courtyard is planted as a Baroque garden.

The original church of Notre-Dame already existed in the 11th century. From the building, however, nothing is left. The majority of the present building dates from the 17th century. In the 19th century the church was rebuilt and parts of the destroyed church of the hamlet Boisset- Hennequin were built into the north wall of the church of Douains. Two openings in the south wall date from the 14th century.

In Douains is the pet cemetery Les Jardins du Souvenir, which opened in 1989 and includes about 400 grave sites. It was extended in 1999.


The municipal area protected geographical indication ( PGI ) for Pork ( Porc de Normandie), poultry ( Volailles de Normandie) and cider ( Cidre de Normandie and cider normand ) apply.


  • Emir Kusturica (born 1954 in Sarajevo), the Serbian- French film director keeps regularly in Douains.