Double Dragon (series)

The games series Double Dragon is one of the oldest and most popular beat 'em up games.


The first part was initially developed by Technos Japan in 1987 for arcade machines. In subsequent years, Double Dragon II released - The Revenge (1988 ) and Double Dragon 3 - The Rosetta Stone ( 1990). These three arcade games were also implemented for the popular game consoles and computers each about a year later to arcade phenomenon. In addition, there are special versions that almost all developed exclusively for the particular game console.

  • Double Dragon (1987, Arcade, Sega Mega Drive, Sega Master System, NES, Game Boy, Amiga, Atari ST, C64, PC, ... )
  • Double Dragon II: The Revenge (1988, Arcade, Sega Mega Drive, Sega Master System, NES ... )
  • Double Dragon III: The Rosetta Stone (1990, Arcade, Sega Mega Drive, NES ... )
  • Super Double Dragon (1992, SNES, known in Japan as Return of Double Dragon, slight differences in content )
  • Crossroads: Battletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team (1993, Sega Mega Drive, SNES, NES Game Boy, ...)
  • Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls (1994, Sega Genesis, Atari Jaguar, SNES )
  • Double Dragon (1995, Neo Geo, Neo Geo CD, PlayStation )
  • Offshoot: Rage of the Dragons (2002, Neo Geo )
  • Double Dragon Advance (2003, Game Boy Advance )
  • Double Dragon EX (2005, for Java mobile phones )
  • Double Dragon (2007, Xbox 360: Xbox Live Arcade )
  • Double Dragon (2009, Zeebo )
  • Double Dragon (2011, iOS )
  • Double Dragon Neon ( September 2012 PlayStation 3 PSN, Xbox Live)
  • Double Dragon Trilogy ( December 2013, Android, iOS )

Plot and gameplay

It takes one or two people, the role of brothers Billy and Jimmy Lee, the fight through the levels to free a kidnapped girl named Marian at the end.

Fighting is done with his fists, legs, and with all kinds of objects lying around in the area or you can remove the opponents. The objects can be either added to ( baseball bat, whip ) or thrown (knives, dynamite, barrels, crates, boulders ).

In two-player mode, there are special in that you have to fight against each other at the end to finish the game. The winner then saves the girl.


Most of the characters were after Bruce Lee's film The Man with the Dragon named (Original Title: Enter the Dragon ).


  • Billy (Blue)
  • Jimmy (Red)


  • Lopar
  • Linda Lash (Female Punk with whip )
  • Abobo (1st boss, similar to Mr. T )
  • Jeff (2nd boss, similar to the player)
  • Willy ( end boss with a machine gun )

Movie about the game, other

  • The games series in 1993 brought in the form of a U.S. movie on the big screen under the title Double Dragon - The 5th Dimension; Mark Dacascos played the role of Jimmy Lee, Robert Patrick ( among others known as "T- 1000" in Terminator 2 ) Shuko was the bad guy and Alyssa Milano ( Marian ) was seen as the daughter of the chief of police.
  • There is to the movie once again an implementation as a game with the title " Double Dragon ", which, however, had little in common with the same first part of the video game series. The film was implementation - in contrast to the old, side-scrolling parts - in the style of Street Fighter 2 and is provided with video sequences of the movie. The plot of the game compensates that of the film and consequently has great differences from the action of the remaining games on. The released for home consoles game " Double Dragon V ", which in terms of the setting is based on the animated series is also held in the manner of Street Fighter in the " 1-on- 1 " style. The same applies for the 2002 published offshoot " Rage of the Dragons ", which is not officially part of the series due to license conditions.
  • The Game Boy version of Double Dragon II is completely different from the arcade version. It is a localized version of a Japanese game of " Kunio -kun " series, in which the graphics, music, characters and texts were exchanged and was only retain the basic structure and level design.
  • In Japan, several soundtrack CDs were released to the Double Dragon series. There is of Double Dragon comic books and an animated series from the year 1993/ 1994.

Comparable predecessor and successor

  • Vigilante ( Irem, 1988)
  • Final Fight ( Capcom, 1989)


  • NES and SNES
  • Sega Master System and Sega Mega Drive
  • Commodore Amiga
  • Atari ST
  • C64
  • PC
  • Nintendo Game Boy and Game Boy Advance
  • Neo Geo
  • Atari 7800
  • Atari Jaguar
  • Atari Lynx
  • ZX Spectrum
  • Java Platform, Micro Edition
  • Xbox 360: Xbox Live Arcade
  • Nintendo 3DS (Virtual Console )
  • Zeebo
  • Android
  • IOS