Doug Peden

James Douglas Peden ( born April 18, 1916 in Victoria, † April 11, 2005 ) was a Canadian racing cyclist, basketball and baseball player.

Douglas Peden was one of the best all- Canadian athlete of his time. He practiced basketball, baseball and cycling on a professional level and was also an excellent rugby and soccer player, athlete, swimmer and tennis player.

Peden started at 37 six-day races, together with his ten- year-older brother, William Peden, the then most successful Canadian cyclist, he won six of them. In 1939 he was also Canadian champion in the sprint.

Between 1935 and 1949, Douglas Peden intermittently basketball and professional baseball. In 1936 he participated with the Canadian basketball team to the Berlin Olympics and won the silver medal. 1935 ( " Victoria Blue Ribbons " ) and 1946 ( " Victoria Dominoes " ), he was Canadian, with its respective teams champions. In 1941, he played one season at Baseball Team "House of David ". 1942 and 1946 to 1949 he was a member of various minor league teams of the Pittsburgh Pirates, 1942, he was a first baseman, a first season for the Pirates Hutchinson active, a farm team in the Western Association. After a three year hiatus - during the Second World War - he was briefly employed as an outfielder in 1946, but returned to his normal playing position, most recently at the Fargo - Moorhead Twins in the Northern League.

After the end of his active sports career Peden served 26 years as sports editor for the Victoria Times. 1967 Douglas Peden in the "BC Sports Hall of Fame " in 1979 in " Canada's Sports Hall of Fame " was recorded. It has the same family roots in Scotland as the Australian- New Zealand track cyclists Anthony Peden.