Downfall (game)

Mensa Select 1994

Slotter is a game for two or four players. It appeared in the early 1970s when Milton Bradley Downfall in English and German in 1977 as Slotter on. Golden moved the game as Downfall and Western Publishing in 1994 as Downfall. It was moved under various other names in various other languages. Following the acquisition of MB by Hasbro, it is also marketed under the Hasbro label.

The aim of the game is to carry a number of platelets in a predetermined sequence by rotating wheels down.

As with other strategy games, the situation is completely known players (like the piece placement chess ). However, since each player can see only their own side of the game, the play position of the enemy through the visible rotations of the gears or the audible transitions of the tile must be deduced from one sprocket to the next, with progressive development of the game. This Slotter also has elements of a memory game.


The game consists of five different sized wheels, each of which can accommodate many different plates. The wheels are connected to each other on both sides of the match exists and a rigid axle. When a wheel is rotated, the corresponding wheel rotates on the opposite side. The gaps of the two wheels on the front and back are twisted against each other.



This description refers to the following assumptions and a compact version of MB:

  • Viewed from the front, with a fifth wheel to the left as the front
  • Starting position specifies the angle between 0 ° ( right ) and the first gap counterclockwise to
  • Considered twist from the front
  • Positive angle: measured counterclockwise
  • Negative angle: measured clockwise
  • Transition angle viewed from the respective upper wheel

Differences in the versions

The currently sold more recent edition has different angles and contains two alternative half-wheels with a reduced number of gaps to one each for the positions four and five in the delivery. This can be increased in different degrees opponents the difficulty by replacing one or both half-wheels for one of the two players.

Game rules

In the two-player game, each player receives two sets of chips with the numbers one to five. In the fourth game, each player receives a set. The wheels are rotated before the game starts in the selected starting position. The game is about to become the first to transport his five numbered tiles down by turning on gears, which are provided with gaps, so that the plates fit into it. There are five different sized gears. After the second gear there is a fork, where you have to decide whether you carried the plate through gear three or four gear. It is important to make sure that you conveyed the numbered tiles in the correct order down. If achieved, for example, the number three to number two the goal, the player loses.


Compact edition of MB