Dr. Atl

" Dr. Atl " bourgeois Gerardo Murillo ( born October 3, 1875 in Guadalajara, † August 15, 1964 in Mexico City ) was a Mexican representative of Muralismo.


Murillo started painting at a young age and attended at the age from 1890 to 1896, the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes in Mexico City. With a scholarship from the Mexican President Porfirio Díaz, he was able, in 1899 to continue his studies in Europe. Here he studied at the University La Sapienza in Rome philosophy and law and undertook some study trips to hear in Paris Henri Bergson. He collaborated in Italy with the Partito Socialista Italiano and worked at the Avanti! with. During this time he was Leopoldo Lugones of " Dr. Called Atl ", where Atl is in Nahuatl for water. After his return to his native country, he organized exhibitions for local artists, including Diego Rivera. He had an intense relationship with Carmen Mondragón, to which he gave the name " Nahui Ollin " under which she was well known as a model.

Again Murillo went to Paris, where he founded a newspaper and wrote about social and political Mexican Affairs, where he particularly criticized the President Victoriano Huerta. By the way he painted, due to its closeness to nature very many landscapes. He was particularly fascinated by volcanoes; in particular the Popocatépetl and Iztaccihuatl he studied the attention. In 1950, he documented his studies from 1943 through the Paricutin in a book with the title. Unfortunately, he lost in his volcano studies in an accident on purpose.

Murillo has won several awards for his publications and images, including 1956 with the Medalla del Senado de la Belisario Domínguez República and 1958 with the Mexican Fine Arts National Award.


  • Cómo nace y crece un volcán, el Paricutin ( How a volcano is born and grows - The Paricutin, 1950)
  • Cuentos de todos los colores ( fairy tales of all colors)
  • La Perla ( The Pearl)