Dr. Dobb's Journal

Dr. Dobb's Journal ( DDJ ) was until January 2009 -monthly American magazine for computer software developers. The short often called " Dr. Dobb's " designated stapling was transferred from CMP Media and first published in January 1976. The first edition was entitled " Dr. Dobb 's Journal of Computer Calisthenics and Orthodontia. "

Beginning of 2009 was editor in chief Jonathan Erickson setting the print edition known and announced that henceforward have a stripped down version will appear as Dr. Dobb's report in Information Week magazine. In addition, it is planned to expand the online offerings of the magazine in the future.

The name of the title " Dr. Dobb's " is a portmanteau composed of the name of Bob Albrecht and Dennis Allison.

DDJ was the first regularly published computer magazine, which specifically dealt with microcomputer software instead of hardware. In 1985, the legendary GNU Manifesto by Richard Stallman was published in DDJ.

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