Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

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Dr. Quinn - Medicine Woman ( Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman ) is a Western-/Familien-/Arztserie, which was filmed in the years 1993 to 1998 in six seasons.


The action takes place in the U.S. in the second half of the 19th century to the year 1867: The doctor Dr. Michaela Quinn received a job in the small mountain town of Colorado Springs and leaves her wealthy family in Boston. However, the residents have thought that it was led by Dr. Michael Quinn and want them after the confusion is noticed, send away immediately.

However, Dr. Quinn is stubborn and remains. You must fight against the prejudice that a woman could not be a good doctor. She also takes action against intolerance of the settlers against the Cheyenne Indians, who are suppressed by General George Armstrong Custer in their Indian reservations. Also, be treated more minority problems and exclusion throughout the series again and again, for example Black, Jewish merchants, "Monster" with disfigured by fire face. Opponents are primarily the bar owner, the barber and the businessman.

In his private life must be " Dr. Mike " also new challenges. Charlotte Cooper, the only woman who supported them dies. On her deathbed she trusts their children Matthew, Colleen and Brian on the care of Dr. Quinn. From then takes this all maternal duties.

Dr. Quinn falls in love with Byron Sully, a friend of Cheyenne. The two later marry and have a daughter, Katie.


  • Helene Udy: Myra Bing
  • Frank Collison Horace Bing
  • William Shockley Hank Lawson
  • Henry G. Sanders Robert E.
  • Jonelle Allen Grace
  • Orson Bean Loren Bray
  • Barbara Babcock: Dorothy Jennings
  • Jennifer Youngs: Ingrid
  • John Schneider: Daniel Simon
  • Brandon Douglas: Dr. Andrew Cook
  • Jason Leland Adams Preston A. Lodge III


  • In the pilot, Robert E., Loren Bray and Jake Slicker presented by other actors than in the remaining 147 episodes:

Robert E.: Ivory Ocean, Loren Bray: Guy Boyd, Jake Slicker: Colm Meaney. Meaney decided not to play down the role because he is a listing of the new series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine accepted.

  • Jason Leland Adams played in the two-parter " in mortal danger " General George Armstrong Custer. Role of the database owner of Colorado Springs, Preston A. Lodge III, it took until the 4th season.
  • Erika Flores, who played the character of Coleen Cooper, left the series in the middle of season 3. The producers had all the main actors offered contracts over 5 years. Although her salary was doubled, Flores but did not want to bind for 5 years, which is why the producers replaced it with Jessica Bowman. This played for the first time in the episode " The End of the World " with.

Background information

The success of the series ( 4 Emmy Awards, 15 nominations ) can only be explained by the partly true stories from U.S. history. Here, the authors skillfully to combine fictional and historical Securitised.

The impression that the series would actually play in the Wild West, one can hardly resist. It was located very close to the filming location Los Angeles. The forested area of the Santa Monica Mountains formed the Indian Reservation in the Cheyenne, and the city of Colorado Springs was on the Paramount Ranch.

During the filming of Season 4, the actress Jane Seymour was actually pregnant. The visible in the 4th season is her real baby bump under which they fought out their twins. This gave birth to Jane Seymour in November 1995 at the age of 44 years.

In the U.S., " Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman " in 1996 under ISBN 1-57297-036-7 the novel published. The author Teresa Warfield describes it as fiction the birth of Michaela Quinn ( 1833) as well as her childhood and youth. The content of the book was written in collaboration with Beth Sullivan. This novel was first written as the TV series ' Dr. Quinn - Medicine Woman was ' already aired in the U.S. for several years.

Since 2004, all 6 seasons are available in English on DVD ( in NTSC format / region code 1). Between 2005 and 2010, six seasons have also been published in the German- dubbed version from the publisher Koch Media on DVD.

Vs. fiction. historical treatment

The inhabitants of the small town " Colorado Springs " are fictional characters. Nevertheless, historical persons and historical facts in the series have been processed. So regularly comes before the tribe of Cheyenne Indians in the consequences. Black Kettle, whose chief is represented faithfully in the series as well as George Armstrong Custer. The role of Byron Sully is likely, at least in rudimentary form, the person of George Bent be modeled on a white fur trader who lived in both the Cheyenne, as well as the whites. Bent acted, like Byron Sully in the series, as a mediator between the army and the Cheyenne. Similarly, the massacre at Sand Creek as well as the massacre at the Washita River in the series are a recurrent theme.

Series Name

In the original English version is called the series " Dr. Quinn - Medicine Woman ". Dr. Quinn rescues Black Kettle shortly after their arrival his life. Then she receives from him her Cheyenne name: " Medicine Woman ". The sign on the door to Dr. Quinn's clinic graces of this writing there, what can be seen in the opening credits. In the German version of the series title was changed to " Medicine Woman ", which does not reflect the previously mentioned event.


In 1999, directed by James Keach, the Jane Seymour, later married the television movie " Dr. Quinn - Medicine Woman "with which the series was completed recently, the film was broadcast on Tele 5. .

2001 turned director Jerome R. London, " Dr. Quinn - Medicine Woman: The Heart Within " However, the TV film was not a success in the U.S. and therefore was never aired in Germany. .

Episode List

A few books have been written on the basis of the series: