Dr. Wai in "The Scripture with No Words"

  • Jet Li: Dr. Wai
  • Collin Chou: Pau / N'Gai
  • Rosamund Kwan Yu Fung / Generalin
  • Charlie Yeung: Penn Si
  • Takeshi Kaneshiro: Shing
  • Billy Chow Chan / Japanese Embassy Guard

Jet Li: The font of death is a Hong Kong action comedy from 1996 It is an adventure film, which parodies the same time the genre in its infancy.. The far eastern movie star Jet Li embodied therein as more powerful archaeologist Asian variation of the Indiana Jones character.


China in the 1930s. The archaeologist Dr. Wai, also known as " Action King", is in the Middle Kingdom a famous scientist and warhorse. His reputation penetrates to the highest government circles. Some high-ranking military commission Wai to find the scripture without words. The font is an ancient artifact that gives one the omnipotence. The military believes the Scripture to have a weapon against the gains more and more power than the Japanese. Wai makes, therefore, with his clever, but loud-mouthed wizard Pau on the search.

To get to the scroll, Wai but requires a mysterious box full of uncontrollable energy, on the one hand shows the way, on the other hand is the key to the entrance to the palace of the scroll. A document that refers to the location of the box, is located in the Embassy of Japan in Shanghai. Wai and Pau creep in and can search deflection of the Japanese General Shing bring the document into their power. Here Wai meets the embassy staff Yu Fung, in which he immediately fell in love. But what do not know Wai Yu Fung itself is the general of the Japanese and wants to own the font of death also.

The document lists the soldiers of fortune to a system-critical newspaper. While Pau flirts with the impact-resistant typesetter Penn Si Wai finds out that the editor is in possession of the box. And Yu Fung finds out, she sets the bandits N'Gai and his gang important to bring the box in their possession. But Wai and the newspaper people can outwit the gangsters and bring the box in safety.

Yu Fung then attempts caught the train station to take Wais client, a high Chinese general. But even here, Wai is on hand and can generally scuffle the injured Yu Fung (whose true identity he still does not know ) to safety while Pau the Japanese falls into the hands.

Pau Wai freed from their secret laboratory, but have to say that Yu Fung has deceived him and brought with Wai knowledge the box itself. During the action, but this was opened, allowing the N'Gai was also present, was transformed into a superhuman creature.

Yu Fung can now determine the location of the temple of the scroll: it is at the gate of Gaiu, a passage in the Chinese wall. On the way there, however, their people mutiny led by Shing against them. But once again are Wai, Pau and Penn Si on board to help her. Unfortunately they also superhuman N'Gai is followed.

With the help of the four- box enter the temple of the scroll. But when they want to get to that, this raises against them N'Gai. Wai is inferior to him in the fight until sacrifice Yu Fung and holds him. Wai opens the box and both N'Gai and Yu Fung will be destroyed. Wai decides to keep the roll in place, otherwise they just wreaks havoc. The reincarnation of a monk appears and shows him that this is the right way. The message is that love will heal everything - for example, the Pau and Penn Si, who married in a vision ...

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  • From " The Scripture of death" there is a directors cut with supposedly an additional 15 minutes of film.
  • The alleged Directors Cut is the original version from Asia. The font of death was easier for Germany to the original frame story. Actually, the story is about Dr. Wai in the present time of an author ( also Jet Li) and just wrote from his friends (which gives the other characters in the story Dr. Wai ) comments. This will change the course of history, because he spontaneously describes things (Jet Li), thus changing the story of history. As the source and comparison serves the DVD of the Hong Kong version.
  • The film had the working title of Adventure King, Dr. Wai and the Scripture Without Words, Dr. Wei in the Scripture with No Words, Mao xian wang and The Scripture with No Words.
  • The strip was amusing in itself in the German version a rather bawdy slapstick - synchronization. In addition, other names were used. So the figures are actually referred to:
  • Jet Li - Chow Si - Kit
  • Collin Chou - Hung Sing
  • Charlie Yeung - Yvonne
  • Rosamund Kwan - Monica Kwan / Cammy