Dra' Abu el-Naga'

25.73527777777832.620555555556Koordinaten: 25 ° 44 '7 "N, 32 ° 37' 14" E

Dra Abu el- Naga is a necropolis west of Thebes at the entrance of the dry valley, which leads in the direction of Deir el- Bahri, north of the necropolis al - Asasif.

Dra Abu el- Naga was the royal necropolis of the pharaohs of the 17th Dynasty and contains a putative grave of Amenhotep I (AN B ) Recent excavations were able to locate the grave of Nub - cheper -Re Anjotef.

Dra Abu el- Naga necropolis served as well as for officials of the New Kingdom at Thebes.