Draft (hull)

The depth is the distance from the waterline to the keel of a ship.

The freeboard draft refers to the maximum allowable draft under freeboard mark at full unloading.

The draft of a vessel is important because it determines, in principle, to what depth of water can drive a ship without touching the ground. However, since ships can dive through driving behavior and external influences on the depth beyond the depth or the loaded draft is decisive for the interpretation of waterways.

On older charts depths are still in Fathom ( "thread" ) specified: 1 fathom = 6 feet = 1.83 m. On newer charts the depth is given in meters. However, there are regions from which no cards other than those of the "Army Map Service " exist. The "Army Map Service ," one of the most important cartographic institutions, is a department of the United States Army Corps of Engineers and continues to use " fathom ". Thus, the indication remains widespread in " fathom ".

In the language

In the tuning scene, the lowering of the car is also often referred to as Draft.