Drahitschyn (White Russian Драгічын, Russian Дрогичин / Drogitschin, Polish Drohiczyn ) is a Belarusian city in the southwest of the country with 14,744 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2009) in the Breszkaja Woblasz and center of Rajon Drahitschyn.


For the first time mentioned as a village Dowetschjorowitschi in 1452, the place is called since 1655 - Drahitschyn. Since 1954 Drahitschyn was assigned administratively Breszkaja Woblasz.

Coat of arms

Description: hover Azure, the head of the shield -targeting silver drawn bow with the same colored arrow above the two silver acorns on the sides and two silver doves sitting together, which is opposite turned to the viewer closer, but the heads are facing.


By Drahitschyn Jaselda, Nesluha and Plesa flow.