Drama film

A drama, partly Drama, is a non-specific genre name in the film industry.


The drama is by definition a genus of ancient poetry and means an action assigned roles.

Other definitions of the film drama in German are more limited, as in the German dictionary of foreign words: "Soon the art of film remembered it, economically exploit the German character so much inherent trait of sentimentality for themselves in an advantageous manner. This consideration owes its existence to the film drama. "

For the lexicon of film terms the University of Kiel, the term drama in film criticism "is used as a collective term for films that are located between Melo and social drama. The thus probably unspezifischste genre name of the movie includes, among other subgenres the romantic drama, the period movie, [Note 1] numerous historical melodramas, many court films, some adventure dramas and the like. In the center of the drama are figures that are going through a life crisis, are faced with a life-changing decision, her life due to loss, persecution, random luck or the like have to regroup. "