The French community Drancy is a town with 66 635 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2011) northeast of Paris, about ten kilometers from the city center. It belongs to the department of Seine -Saint- Denis. The inhabitants call themselves Drancéens. Here was located from 1941 to 1944 the collection camp Drancy, of which the majority of French Jews, Roma and others were mainly deported to the extermination camp in Auschwitz.


The name comes from the Middle Latin Drancy Derenciacum, previously Terentiacum, State of Terence ', a Gallo-Roman landowner.


In the 17th century Drancy was divided into two places: Drancy Drancy le Grand and Petit. The current quarter Village Parisien stands on the former hamlet of Groslay, who was surrounded by the forest of Bondy. Emerged in the 1930s there the first residential high-rise buildings in Europe, the Cité de la Muette, as a sign of modern architecture, which after its completion as a transit camp Drancy found directly inglorious notoriety. Today, this place, as originally planned social housing (HLM ), at the same time it has become the deportation is also a place of remembrance: 1976 where a monument by the sculptor Shlomo Selinger was built, which commemorates the French Jews who claimed from this collection camp from East were deported. Part of the monument is the memorial opened in 1988 wagon ( wagon témoin ).


The city of Drancy extends over an area of ​​776 ha in the north- east of the department of Seine- Saint- Denis. In the east it borders on La Courneuve, north of Le Bourget, on the west by Aulnay -sous -Bois and south to Bobigny.


A part of the community forms the Canton Drancy, while another part belongs to the District of Le Bourget.


Drancy has some monuments such as the Castle of Ladoucette, in the park, the mausoleum of the Duchess of Ladoucette stands, and a monument in memory of the deported Jews.


Drancy has a railway station on RER line B.


The footballer was founded in 1903 the Association Jeanne d' Arc de Drancy, their venue at the Stade Charles Sage ( Capacity: 2,500 seats) have are between 2003 and 2009 from the tenth- highest to the fourth division, the Championnat de France amateur, ascended. In addition, they were able to penetrate in the national cup competition at the Coupe de France 2010 /11 through to the round of the last 16 teams.

The chess players of the club Cavalier Bleu de Drancy belonged to 2009 even for many years the top 16, the top French league on. The two-time French champion Nicolas Giffard is a member of the association.


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