Draught beer

The draft beer called as opposed to bottles or cans of beer on tap the ( beer barrel ) ausgeschenkte beer. The breweries usually fill 30 - or 50 - gallon drums from (formerly also very often 100 liter drums ) to fill, which are used in restaurants or pubs to by special dispensers beer in glasses.

While it has been said before: A good draft beer needs seven minutes, it is through the use of Kompensatorhähnen now so that a fine-pored foam head can be achieved in two to three minutes, so that the draft beer takes less room temperature and projecting ( carbonic acid loses ) is so fresh. The blowing agent in a dispenser carbon dioxide is used in Irish stout (eg Guinness ), however, nitrogen ( the nitrogen replaced the pump pressure, the earlier transported the beer into the glass: pumped twice gave a pint).

With the concept of Bag-In- Box to the beer before bottling the carbonic acid is extracted and fed back only during the Ausschenkens means of a beer - carbonator. A beer Bag holds 25 liters in a rectangular carton. This system was developed by the Bavarian regional brewery Ankerbräu in Nördlingen, the launch began in April 2007.