Dream Wife

You and no other is the title of a romantic comedy film from the year 1953. It is the first film in which Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr together play the lead roles. It was shot in black and white, distributed by MGM.


Clemsen Read is a very successful businessman and engaged to Priscilla " Effie " Effington.

Clem is a macho, who sees his wife prefer at home, busy with the three " Cs": kitchen, sweeping, childbearing. Effie, however, does not correspond to his ideal, she's a liberated woman, a professional oil - manager in the State Department.

Clem is on a business trip through the middle east to Bukistan ( a fantasy state ) where he wants to sell an irrigation system. There, he meets the Prime Minister Khan, who would give him his daughter to wife Tarji. It is quite to his liking. She was - as he learns - brought up to obey her husband and to please, so from his point of view, Dream Wife. Clem nevertheless dispensed with a heavy heart: yet he is romantically involved with Effie.

Returning home, Clem would set the wedding date. But Effie is the head at the time not after marriage. It threatens an oil crisis, their use is required, and marriage is not initially think.

Clem then triggers the engagement and turns back to Tarji. He invites her to America and makes her to marry him. However, from the private bonds is a political matter. The U.S. relate oil from Bukistan and do not want to make any mistakes by Reads into question the relationship.

Clem will be asked a consultant to who pays attention to compliance with the strict bukistanischen laws regarding physical contact. And the choice is just to Effie, who soon turns out to be a spoilsport. She pushes at Tarji but open ears when she told her about the modern American woman, independent, free, and so on. Because Tarji only came to America in order to live well so can and not to be under the tutelage of her father.

Clem sees his furs swim away, but also realizes that he needs to change his attitude towards women, and actually is Effie yes but a dream woman ...


The early 1950s seemed slight Grant comedies like darling, I 'm going to younger, Bringing Up Baby you do not and, indeed, you and no other audience no longer be found. A new trend were realistic dramas ( A Streetcar Named Desire, The African Queen ). Under this aspect can be seen probably the contemporary reviews.


The film had on its appearance no good reviews.

  • The Hollywood Reporter found, the end result would remain far behind expectations with regard to the film.
  • Newsweek, however, spoke of an uneven blend of elegant humor and the appointed slapstick moments, just a little more than a mediocre amusing comedy.
  • About one the critics, however, were agreed that the acting by the two lead actors left nothing to be desired.

Academy Award

Helen Rose and Herschel McCoy were nominated in the category " Costumes ", but did not get it.


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