D: Ream is a Northern Irish Pop-Rock-/Synthiepop-Band. They had a No. 1 hit in the UK with the re-release of "Things can only get better ", two top 10 hits and 4 more Top 20 hits: The re- release of " UR the best thing", " Take me away ", " party up the world " and the second re-release of "Things can only get better ." Then there were five more singles, all of which reached the UK Singles Chart.


Between 1992 and 1997, the active period of the band, brought these two studio albums (D: Ream on Volume 1 and World), ten different singles (some of these were re-released two or three times, until they came to a total of fourteen singles - two shots were, however, on a double a-side single released ) and an official Greatest Hits album ( the Best of D: Ream out ). 2006, a second collection at the The Platinum Collection series has been compiled.

As D: Ream was famous, the firm members were Peter Cunnah ( Singer, Songwriter), Al Mackenzie (musician ) and Cian McCarthy (Producer), although the group later, a one-man band was exclusively focused on the singer. Another member, Brian Cox, played keyboards for several years while he studied physics. He now works at the Large Hadron Collider project. There were a lot of singers who changed with the times - as TJ Davis, who co - vocalist on one of the singles from their second album, World, acted and served for many more songs as background singers.

The first album the group D: Ream on Volume 1, brought in the two years since the publication in 1993 until the first single from their second album, "Shoot me with your love" in 1995, seven singles ("Star" and "I Like It " came as a double A-side single out ) out. It was the piece "Things can only get better ", which brought them success in the UK and international attention.

After Take That accompanied them on their concert tour, "Things can only get better " topped the UK singles charts reached in early 1994. The song was released in late 1993 for the first time, where it reached number 24, but was of the Labour Party for the election campaign used during the elections 1996/1997 and then brought out again, this time it was enough for 19th place, although the record company the band their first best-of collection "The Best of D: Ream " 1997 was held the third studio album on the market, came this until now not take place.

2008 D formed: Ream after a chance meeting of Cunnah Mackenzie and new. They recorded a song called "Gods in the making" with Diane Charlemagne, which was "In Memory Of ... " published three years later as the first single from the album, also appearing in 2011. They also plan a subsequent concert series.