Drew Ginn

2009: Oceania champions - Individual Time Trial

Drew Cameron Ginn, OAM ( born November 20, 1974 in Leongatha ) is an Australian rower and cyclist, which is mainly engaged in the boot class pairs without coxswain, but also in the quad (with and without coxswain) successfully. He is a three -time Olympic champion and five -time world champion in rowing.


Ginn won the gold medal with the coxless four, with Michael McKay, James Tomkins and Nicholas Green at the 1996 Summer Olympics. In 1997 he was in the aft third in the World Championship in Aiguebelette- le -Lac. In the same cast as in 1996, the Australian foursome at the 1998 World Cup victory in Cologne, moreover, he was in a two coxless second with Michael McKay.

After that, Ginn and Tomkins concentrated together on the coxless pairs in 1999 and world champion in St. Catharines. They planned in 2000 to compete in Sydney at the Olympic race, but Ginn suffered a back injury and had to give up the start in favor of Matthew Long. In 2002 he took the helm on training, again formed a rowing community with Tomkins and was again in Milan in 2003 world champion. At the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens Ginns followed second Olympic victory.

After Tomkins had changed back to the aft, Ginn rowed along with Duncan Free. 2006 at the Dorney Lake at Eton and at the 2007 Rowing Course near Munich, they won two consecutive world title. In Beijing Ginn won at the 2008 Summer Olympics along with Free his third gold medal.

2009 saw Ginn for cycling and immediately won the Ozeanienmeisterschaften in the time trial. 2011 Ginn was active again on the race track and won in four World Cup bronze, London 2012 Olympic silver followed.

After his fourth participation in the Olympic Rowing Regatta in 2012 was Ginn coach at the Australian Rowing Association Rowing Australia. In the years 2003 and 2007, he was honored in each case together with his two partners from the International Rowing Federation with the award World Rowing Male Crew of the Year ( Men's Team of the Year ).