Drive Me Crazy

Drive Me Crazy is an American comedy film from the year 1999. Plot is based on the novel "How I Created My Perfect Prom Date " by Todd Strasser. The main roles were played by Melissa Joan Hart and Adrian Grenier.


The fashion conscious Nicole Maris and the orphan Chase Hammond both go to the Timothy Zonin High School, they are also neighbors. They alienate themselves as they develop different interests. The friend of Nicole is a sportsman, the girlfriend of Chase is interested in politics.

As Maris and Hammond are jilted by their partners, they decide to go together to make the partner jealous. Later they find themselves attractive and become a couple.


James Berardinelli wrote on " ReelViews ," he was able to enjoy parts of the film and praised directed by John Schultz. He credited the actress Melissa Joan Hart some charm and charisma, presentation he found acceptable, however, wondered why she was so popular.

Roger Ebert wrote in the Chicago Sun - Times 4 October 1999, the characters of the film are intelligent and the dialogues were better written than in the comparable teenage comedies. He found the film as a whole is not great, but " nice".


Melissa Joan Hart won the 2000 Kids' Choice Award.


The film was shot in Ogden (Utah ) and Salt Lake City. Its production costs were approximately 8 million U.S. dollars. The film played in theaters in the USA a about 17.8 million U.S. dollars.