Driving instructor

Driving instructors make their driving students who want to acquire a license to drive a motor vehicle, from theory and practice.

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Driving instructors are under the Law on the driving instructor sector ( driving instructor Act, FahrlG ) and regulations adopted pursuant thereto, nationally recognized teachers. The instructor shall exercise the income tax directive H 136 from a liberal profession. Its activity is not a commercial. Driving instructors make their learner, in the majority adults who want to acquire a license to drive a motor vehicle, according to the connection of FahrschülerAusbO in theory and practice.

The aim of the training is the pre- forming of knowledge and skills, insights, and finally a traffic- oriented behavior to protect individuals and society.

Driving instructors are either self-employed, while the holder of a driving school ( driving schools ) or as an employee at a private or government agencies driving school operates. The largest trade association for the driving instructor is in Germany, the German association of driving instructor associations.

Driving teaching license

Anyone wishing to teach or train learner drivers, you must state the official certification, as identified by the driving teaching license / driving instructor certificate. This is in Germany on the basis of the driving instructor Act ( FahrlG ) issued by the competent traffic authority at the request, unless the applicant satisfies the general requirements and in particular the state- regulated education and training completed with passing the exam has. The assessment of driving teaching license as a state-approved driving instructor is provided with the driving instructor certificate, which shall be kept by the instructor during the practical training. The driving teaching license is similar to the license in classes divided. The first driving teaching license, the applicant may acquire a ( driving instructor candidates ), the class is BE ( vehicles of 3.5 tonnes with a trailer ). Based on this, the classes A (motorcycle ), CE ( lorry with trailer ) and DE are applied ( buses with trailers).

Conditions of driving teaching license

General Requirements:

  • Minimum age: 22 years
  • Mentally, physically and personally suitable ( medical certificate, police clearance certificate )
  • Full time result in CE or DE at least 2 years within the last 5 years on motor vehicles of category CE or DE or 6 months Car Class CE / DE; sufficient driving experience in the applied driving teaching license class ( at least 3 years within the last 5 years at BE or additional training of 60 hours after obtaining the license )


  • Completed training in an apprenticeship or equivalent qualifications (eg Abitur)
  • All license classes ( class not necessary D / DE, where the driving teaching license is not requested for this class ). However, the Class A, Class B / BE and C / CE are definitely entry requirement ( a probationary period is not sufficient ). The reason is that the instructor must be able to inform a driver's license applicants of the specific characteristics of these road users.

Specialized training for driving instructors:

  • Education from an accredited driving instructor training facility and
  • Subsequent placement in a training school ( but only in BE)
  • Passed driving instructor tests

Driving instructor training

Driving instructor candidates acquire at an accredited driving instructor training facility

Thorough knowledge of:

  • Traffic education including teaching,
  • The travel behavior theory, including the risk doctrine,
  • The relevant statutory provisions,
  • Environmentally conscious and energy-saving driving style,
  • Of physics,

Sufficient knowledge:

  • In automotive technology and

The ability and skill,

  • Accurate, based on the goals of the learner training to be able to teach deliberate methodical, and
  • Practical skills through continuing education of their own driving skills and driving skills.

This will be followed in initial ( class BE) still a work placement in a training driving school instead. There will gain practical knowledge in teaching and practical training of learner drivers under the guidance of an experienced driving instructor training the instructor candidate. The training course must be documented by the instructor candidates by a record book.

Driving Instructor test

The driving instructor examination consists in initial ( category BE only) in three parts. In a series configuration, the teaching samples omitted.

  • Practical driving test
  • Specialist exam ( written and oral part )
  • Demonstration lessons (theoretical and practical driving lessons)

In the practical driving test the instructor candidate must show that he can drive a motor vehicle in its class teaching license applied for driving regulations, safe, agile and environmentally friendly. The BE and A driving test lasts 60 minutes, CE and EN 90 minutes.

In the written portion of the certification of the qualification of the instructor candidates within 5 hours (BE ) or 2.5 hours ( other classes) must perform tasks in the relevant fields of knowledge in essay form.

In the oral part of the examination of technical qualification of the instructor candidates an examination committee, must consists of four members ( lawyer, driving instructor, teacher, technician), put in 30 minutes on his knowledge to the test.

After passing the practical driving test and certification of the qualification the instructor candidate is granted the temporary driving permission to teach by the temporary driving instructor certificate shall be issued to him. This temporary permit is valid for two years.

With it can be completed in addition, a minimum of 4 ½ - month internship in training driving school. The internship is twice interrupted by one-week courses in the driving instructor training facility in which the student is given the opportunity to reflect on his internship and his experiences, etc..

Following the internship teaching samples are taken in the theoretical and practical driving lessons. Two members of the Audit Committee of the driving instructor candidates in the presence of must generally show that he is capable of driving students each about 45 minutes

  • Theoretical and
  • Practical driving

To give lessons. If the teacher samples were passed, the instructor candidate the perpetual driving instructional permit is issued.

Official recognition is done by handing over the driving instructor certificate by the competent traffic authority which also performs the state / regulatory oversight of driving schools and driving instructors in other beings or cause to be carried out.

Further education

Continuous learning, that is tracking the legal framework, the corresponding interpreted by the relevant courts ( case law ), technical development in the breadth of courses offered, the accident research and pedagogy of adult education is essential. Driving instructor must acc. FahrlG regularly participate in a fixed time interval (four years ) to a multi-day training. Ignoring this requirement is a finable offense and can lead to failure of the teaching license.



The training lasts about a year and finds part-time rather than on recognized driving instructor vocational schools. The training is divided into modules.

The audit, which is to be taken, is the professional exam for driving instructors with federal certificate. The examination consists of two driving and two theory lessons.

The federally. Professional Certificate is a prerequisite for the actual Fahrlehrerbewillung, which is issued by the cantonal authorities.

Acquisition of additional categories

Driving instructor with Federal Diploma train (car ) for the B category. For category A (motorcycle) and Category C (HGV ) is an additional training required.


In addition to the personal requirements, there are also formal requirements:

Further education

Regular training is prescribed. The minimum is 5 days training in five years.