Dromichaetes ( ancient Greek Δρομιχαίτης ) was around 300 BC, a ruler of the Getae. His empire stretched on both sides of the lower Danube (today Romania and Bulgaria). The capital of his empire helicopter is believed by Romanian historians in the Wallachian Plain. Since the discovery of his tomb in Sveshtari in North Bulgaria ( 1982) the location of helicopters is suspected in the western Ludogorie.

292 BC gets the Diadoche Lysimachus, king of Thrace, during the campaign to the Danube into captivity Dromichaetes. This treated him obliging and let him be free soon thereafter, so as not to jeopardize the relations between the two empires. Dromichaetes then married a daughter of Lysimachus. The victory Dromichaetes about the King of Thrace has been mentioned by some ancient historians. ( Strabo, Diodorus, Polybius, Plutarch, Pausanias).