Drvenik Mali

Drvenik Mali (pronounced Drevnik Mali ) ( Ital: Zirona Piccola ) is an island in the Adriatic Sea in Croatia Split-Dalmatia County.

From the local population, the island is also called Ploča (German panel). The 50 to 60 inhabitants of the island are located in several small settlements. Capital of the island is the port Borak where the boatmen boats are and applies the Jadrolinija ferry. Furthermore there are Dolici, Petomavar, Matussin Bok, Vela and Mala Rina Rina, as well as in the interior of the island Kuknara Velika and Mala Kuknara. The highest point of this 3.4 km ² small island called glavica and is located on 79 m above sea level. Drvenik Mali is connected by ferries Jadrolinija, the daily use several times the island, with the neighboring island of Drvenik Veli and 8 km away Trogir.

Unlike other islands in the region Drvenik Mali is touristy hardly explored. How flora and fauna are preserved in their origins. Many mediterian medicinal plants thrive there. There are many olive plantations, it is grown wine and carob trees grow best there. The olive oil " extra virgin " is sold in the whole of Croatia.